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Blues News From Portsmouth - March 08

Thought I'd do a quick update as we've a small cluster of gigs coming up at
the end of march.


o  Tuesday 18th March - The Kitsch n d'or - Eldon Street Southsea
   Andy Broad & Mags Wylie
   Jazz Guitar and Bass

o  Sunday 23rd March - The Three Lions / Scratchers - Farncombe
   Burnt Ice
   Burnt Ice's first gig at this venue, we've waiting for it for
   a while, it's a popular place, a great way to spend Easter Sunday

o  Monday 24th March - The Half Brick - Worthing
   Rocks And Gravel
   Three piece acoustic blues of the finest quality... 

o  Tuesday March 25th - The Kitsch n d'or - Eldon Street Southsea
   Andy Broad
   Jazz Guitar - Blues Latin and Jazz  

o  Thursday 27th March - The R.M.A. Tavern - Eastney
   Rocks And Gravel
   Another chance to see ...

o  Tuesday 1st April - The Kitsch n d'or - Eldon Street Southsea
   Andy Broad & Mags Wylie

o  Sunday 6th April - the Florence Arms - Florence Road Southsea
   Andy Broad's Blues and Jazz Jam.
   A lunchtime blend of blues and jazz, all player and listeners
   welcome. P.A. and some back line provided unfortuatly no drum kit
   (space and volume issues), but percussionist would welcome to bring a    
   djembe or something similar. Otherwise bring you axe and or horn!
   Just be there it's a develoeing a really nice atmosphereand we are a     
   friendly  welcoming bunch.

*Virtual Busking*

Yet another mad money making scheme :-)
At various places arround my websites I've added little guitar cases where
you can throw a few "virtual coins" (courtesy of PayPal) if you've enjoyed
listening to the music available to stream online. I promise to spend all
the money on beer and won't waste it on frivolous things like buying food,
paying rent, fixing my newly punctured rear tire on my car, etc... 

You can find them here