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Happy Christmas from The Bullfrog Blues Club and Barking Spider Promotions!

Greetings from a wet and windy County Galway - a white Xmas doesn't look as if it's gonna happen here.... 

Here's hoping you all have a great Xmas and a superb new year!  

Thanks to all of you who came along to THE BULLFROG BLUES CLUB  this year (at our new venue, The NBESCA Club - (a.k.a. The Dockyard Club, Onslow Rd., Southsea) and helped keep the blues alive! 

This year - as ever - we had some superb acts at the Bullfrog -  THE LARRY MILLER BAND,    KING KING,   THE ROBIN BIBI BAND,    JON AMOR BLUES GROUP,   BEX MARSHALL,  THE CLARE FREE BAND, THE GEOFF ACHISON  & THE SOULDIGGERS from Australia,  LITTLE TOBY WALKER from New York , and THE PRODUCERS  

Over August Bank Holiday Wekend THE SOUTHSEA FOLK & ROOTS FESTIVAL also had its fair share of great blues acts, kicking off on the Friday with  Andy Broad's Blues Jam at The Florence Arms.  
Also appearing at The Florence Arms were  DAVE ARCARI,  MESSAGE TO AVALON. THE JELLYROLLERS  and ROBIN BIBI, whilst SONS OF THE DELTA played as a full band at The R N.A. Tavern on Saturday evening.  

On the main stage (at The Dockyard Club)  DAVE ARCARI  made another appearance on the Saturday afternoon, whilst on the Monday - Festival the blues day, we had superb performances by  REET PEETITE & GONE, SONS OF THE DELTA and THE  STOMPIN' DAVE DUO (Stompin' Dave Allen and Dave Saunders of the Producers), KING ROLLO, and a firm favourite of us all  THE AYNSLEY LISTER BAND.,

Folk & Roots were well served at the Festival   wit appearances by LITTLE JOHNNY ENGLAND, THE JIGANTICS, MARY JANE, WALKER BROAD, COLVIN QUARMBYand  ROBIN JAMES HURT 

The Friday saw HOLLY KIRBY opening for JACKIE LEVEN and MICHAEL WESTON KING. Sadly, it was JACKIE's last ever performance as shortly after he died.... JACKIE was a great performer, a wonderfully funny raconteur and teller of tall tales, and was a regular at Southsea events, having appeared at Southsea Folk & Roots Festival on many occassions.  I was proud to call him my friend, and  I miss him..... 

As I announced at the Festival this year, there will NOT be a Southsea Folk & Roots Festival next year, BUT there WILL be a Southsea Folk Roots & Blues Day at The Dockyard Club on August Bank holiday Sunday, from 12 noon to 11.30 p.m.
So far we have THE JON AMOR BLUES GROUP and REET PETITE & GONE lined up , and I'm waiting to confirm a very special act for the day... watch this space!!!!

There's also a great lineup of artistes appearing at The Bullfrog next year - so far we have booked 

Thurs 5.1.12 ROBIN BIBI BAND   
 Thurs 1.3.12 SONS OF THE DELTA  
Thurs 10.5.12 SINNERBOY 

....and don't forget the great lineup of events at The R.M.A. Tavern and The Cellars at Eastney, both in Cromwell Road.  

So.... here's wishing you a VERY HAPPY XMAS - and see y'all at The Bullfrog and The Southsea Folk Roots  & Blues Day at THE ROBIN BIBI BAND gig! 

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(The Barking Spider)