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R.I.P. Robbie....

This somewhat personal message  is going onto a music related site purely because without this man I would probably never have got involved in music...

My Dad, John  Roberts senior, better known as  Robbie, died today at 10.30. a.m. 

He'd been living with Rhona and I  since his   late 80's when we moved to Ireland, when his Alzheimer's started to accelerate. Rhona became his carer and what she did for him to ensure his well being can never be underestimated. She was nothing less than marvellous. 

My Dad  was a giant of a man to me, and was responsible for my love of literature, mountains, and music. When I was 12 (in 1962) it was my Dad who introduced me to the music of Bob Dylan and many others - I've never looked back.. 

He was a great raconteur, with the ability to engage anyone in an animated conversation - especially with a large glass of good whiskey in his hand.

 I was with him when he died, and although he was heavily sedated and  "out of it" , when I held his hand and spoke to him I knew he heard me - as a response for those private words we had he squeezed my hand back.

I quietly sang "A Man You Don't Meet Every Day" to him just before he left us...... because he most certainly was - one of life's great characters. 

He was 94 years old.

Robbie will be cremated in Cork,  and I shall later bring his half his ashes to Portsmouth to be scattered. The remainder will  be scattered in the grounds of his  home in County Galway near to his grandson' s (my son Jamie's) ashes.