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back to main spider site spider This is the archive of the combined Barking Spider and Andy Broad Portsmouth Blues Site mailing lists.

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Index Of Mailings For September 2012

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2012_September_01_1  Lightnin' Willie and the Poorboys - Bullfrog Blues Club, Thursday 6th September
2012_September_05_1  Lightnin Willie And The Poorboys - Bullfrog Blues Club Thursday 6th September
2012_September_10_1  Kat & Co - Bullfrog Blues Club - Thursday October 4th
2012_September_21_1  MONTEREY FESTIVAL 1967 REVISITED by U.S psych legends!
2012_September_22_1  NEXT Sunday - JASON & THE SCORCHERS at The Cellars!
2012_September_24_1  MONTEREY FESTIVAL 1967 REVISITED by U.S psych legends!
2012_September_24_2  Tickets for MONTEREY FESTIVAL 1967 REVISITED by THE FORMER MEMBERS: U.S psych legends!
2012_September_24_3  The Jigantics - live at The R.M.A. on 13th October!
2012_September_26_1  MYSHKIN'S RUBY WARBLERS- superb Americana gig at Wickham on Friday 26th October
2012_September_28_1  Bullfrog Blues Club- present Kat & Co - Thursday 4th October 2012