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Golide Reed and Devenport - Double Bill - The Bullfrog Blues Club - Thursday 1st May.

This month we have a fantastic double bill for you!

Goldie Reed and Devenport.
Tickets 8.00 adv 10.00 on the door
The NBE CSA Club 
Onslow Road 

Tickets online from


You don't have to have a back story that reads like a Guy Richie script, but
sometimes it helps. Knife murders, heroin deaths, lead poisoning, world
champion boxers, alcohol abuse, prison stories and more feature in
Devenport's life, and therefore his songs... and, more relevant still,
perhaps, his voice. This is a beautiful natural instrument, developed and
strengthened by true life experiences, which, in many ways, make Devenport
the most authentic of authentic British Blues singers. 

Signed to a major label as a kid, and enjoying a career working with some of
the most respected names in the business including the likes of Cher, Guy
Chambers, Leon Ware (the guy behind Marvin's 'I Want You' album) and more,
Devenport returns after a 20 year self imposed hiatus from the business.

** Goldie Reed **

GOLDIE REED is already being tipped by many good judges to be a breakout
artist in 2014. Her compelling voice and unique meld of Americana, blues
and roots, mixed with more English folk sensibilities, marks her out as one
of the trailblazers of the much lauded 'new heritage' scene coming out of
South East England. With a first class, tasteful band Goldie's stated
admirers already include the likes of Bill Wyman and Bob Harris as well as
the wider British Blues community, even though Goldie is far from your
'standard' blues act. Bullfrog Blues are pleased to be able to bring a rare
live performance from Goldie and her band in an intimate setting prior to
her 2014 Festival appearances.

Goldie Reed and Devenport.
Tickets 8.00 adv 10.00 on the door
The NBE CSA Club 
Onslow Road