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Bullfrog Blues Club - Burnt Ice 30th - Thursday September 7th

We have an extra special one for you this September:

Burnt Ice, the longest running blues band in the Portsmouth area, 
celebrate 30 years of performing top quality blues on the 7th of 
September with an extra special concert at The Bullfrog Blues 
Club, (hosted at The Dockyard Club, Onslow Road, Southsea).

This event is the culmination of a celebratory tour,  which started 
in July at The Bastille Blues Festival , PlancoŽt , Brittany and 
included an appearance at Wickham Festival in The HAPI 
Festival Big Top.  It's going to be real cooking Blues party, a date 
for the diaries of all Blues and R&B fans.

Burnt Ice formed in 1987 just after founding member Andy Broad 
moved on from his first band 'Duck Soup'. The goal was to create a 
lineup to play modern, funk, soul and jazz tinged blues inspired by 
the contemporary sounds of  Robert Cray, Albert Collins, Johnney 
Copeland, et al. with inevitable references to the earlier greats 
such as B.B. King and Muddy Waters.   Andy was soon joined by 
Simon Tufnail on bass, who introduced Alan "Blackie" Blackmore 
on drums, together they formed the core of the band from the 
beginning to the present day.

Their first outing was at the Milton Barn in September 1987 with 
the lineup completed by Jane Overbury on vocals, and Stuart on 
keyboards. As might be expected with a band of such longevity the 
lineup has  evolved through several incarnations, with Andy 
finally taking on the lead vocals in the mid '90s. The current 4 
piece format is completed by Matt Beckwith on harmonica, who 
first joined the band around 1989. 

The musical repertoire has developed over the years and whilst it 
still includes a few favourites from those early days (the Ice's 
interpretation of  Koko Taylor's version of Come To Mama 
(originally by Anne Pebble's) has long been the standard opener 
for the second set) it  retains the blend of funk and rocking jazz 
that creates the Burnt Ice sound  and now features original 
material written by both Andy Broad and Matt Beckwith. 

Here's a summary of all the musicians that have passed through 
the band over the years, each one adding their own special 
element to the final mix. (dates are approximate, some 
surnames lost to the fog of memory)

Andy Broad -  lead guitar - 1987 till present (main vocals from 1994)
Simon Tufnail - Bass Guitar - 1987 till present
Alan "Blackie" Blackmore - Drums - 1987  till present
Jane Overbury / Teardrops - vocals - 1987 till 1988 
Stuart - keyboards - 1987 till 1987
Jason - harmonica - late 1987 till 1989
Chris Morley - piano / vocals -  1988 till 1992
Geoff Webb - second lead guitar  - 1988 till 1989
Ian - vocals - 1988 
Yvonne Charlton(?) - vocals - 1988 till 1990
Matt Beckwith - 1989 till 1994 , 1996 - 2009, 2012 till present
Helen Davies - vocals - 1990 till 1991
Stuart Wallace - rhythm guitar - 1992 (approx.)
Theresa Marland - vocals - 1991 till 1993
Richard Walker - alto sax - 1992 till 2004
Della Perret - tenor saxophone / vocals - 1994 till 2008
Martin Bird - second lead guitar - 2009 till 2011
Chris Shaw - tenor sax - 2010 till 2012 

Burnt Ice appear at the Bullfrog Blues Club on Thursday 7th 
September.  Tickets are £8.00 in advance £10.00 on the door and 
can be bought from the club on-line from:

Or in person from:

Street Level Music, Albert Road, Southsea.

or direct from a band member.