This event is dedicated to the late great JACKIE LEVEN (1950-2011)
Jackie headlined The Southsea Folk & Roots Festival an unprecedented six times,.
including five consecutive years. His last  ever  performance  was at the  2011 Festival.

Festival News And Blog

Sunday 21st September 2014 21:18:00
Monday 18th August 2014 17:53:00
Thursday 19th June 2014 16:14:00
Wednesday 5th March 2014 14:41:00
Monday 17th February 2014 18:03:00
Friday 22nd February 2013 14:43:00
Wednesday 16th May 2012 16:37:00
Thursday 10th May 2012 14:39:00
Tuesday 30th August 2011 11:51:00
Thursday 18th August 2011 12:21:00

Festival Raffle Views: 1683

As with previous years there will a grand festival raffle.

The Drawer will take place on the Monday Afternoon and the procedes go towards funding the infrastucture of the festival. (Enabling us to put most of the ticket money into payng the bands.)

This year we have some great prizes:


including:£100 CASH

Digital Radio

18 pints of Swift One from Bowman Ales Ltd.

10 litres of Real Ale from Irving & Co. Brewers Ltd.

Two Tickets for "The Snow Queen" by the Phoenix Players

Three Bottles of Wine from The White Swan

Beer Vouchers from the RMA Tavern

Vouchers from Local Businesses

Two Season Tickets for Southsea Folk & Roots Festival 2012

Free Entrance to Bullfrog Blues Club gigs for the remainder of 2011

Signed CDs by Festival Artistes


You can buy raffle tickets throuhout the festival from committee mebers and stweards and at our fringe events.




Thursday 30th June 2011 12:59:00
Sunday 26th June 2011 11:36:00
Wednesday 25th May 2011 12:38:00
Friday 29th April 2011 14:45:00
Thursday 28th April 2011 13:55:00
Thursday 21st April 2011 16:21:00
Monday 4th April 2011 17:40:00