This event is dedicated to the late great JACKIE LEVEN (1950-2011)
Jackie headlined The Southsea Folk & Roots Festival an unprecedented six times,.
including five consecutive years. His last  ever  performance  was at the  2011 Festival.

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A Day Of Folk & Blues - Sunday August 26th 2012 Views: 1500

We won't be holding a full blown festival this year, but don't depair we will be holding a special one day event on Sunday August 26th at The NBE CSA Club, Onslow Road Southsea.


The afternoon session will be blues based with The Jon Amor Blues Group, Rete Petite & Gone and Andy Broad. 

The evening session will be folk based and feature Julie Felix and P.J.Wright 

Tickets to these session are available now from our tickets page and are priced at £10.00 in advance for each session. 

There will be a selection of "fringe" events at The Florence Arms just round the corner from our venue. 

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